Boston, MA

Introducing: LEO

One of the rising stars of big room house is LEO, a producer/DJ from the kaleidoscopic White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA.

He is part of a new generation of EDM artists, and takes inspiration from legendary names such as of Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto.

LEO has been invoking incredible audience responses at sets across his home state.  He’s dropped two fire tracks so far, ‘Flying Star’ and latest release, ‘Hours’, writing and producing both. 

Born Marvin Harris, LEO’s life changed forever when a high-school friend introduced him to Tomorrowland 2011, the ‘after movie’ of Europe’s leading EDM festival.  Electrified by its sounds and visions, Harris immediately dedicated his life to making influential music for big stages and mass audiences.  With his releases to date, he’s made a strong start to that journey.  For him, the two most crucial parts of any song are the melody and the drop; his music builds and builds with emotion before falling headlong into hands-in-the-air ecstasy.  ‘Hours’ is just one example of this, excitement rising until its waves of synth crash over rock-solid EDM kick drums. 

“I always wanted to share my sound with the world, and express emotions through it,” LEO explains.  “I compose and engineer all my own tracks.  I’ll start with a simple melody and really work to make it stand out.”

Covid-19 may have temporarily checked his live trajectory, but LEO will soon continue to soar far beyond New Hampshire.  In the meantime, his tracks will help big room house and EDM fans evoke the communal euphoria of a packed dancefloor or festival tent.

Check out LEO on Soundcloud here.